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Fully Automated Trap for Flies Control

An advanced, fully automated, low-power trap that detects, counts and reports fruit flies to the user app once per day, in near real time.

The Challenge:

There is a need to alert on the presence, amount and location of flies in the farm focusing treatment on infested areas ONLY. Doing so can help prevent fly infestations and save our fruit from being damaged.

The Solution:

Agrint has developed the IoTrap, a state-of-the-art, fully automated, low-power trap that identifies and alerts the presence, amount and location of fruit flies on farms, straight to application, once per day, in virtually real time.

The system reports:

Suitable for the Following Tree Species:

How Does It Works?

When detection occurs, the system analyzes the information, counts the flies and, once per day, reports to the user the information needed. The number of trapped flies, the location and the date.

Result: Pesticides are sprayed only when and where they are needed, with improved yields, money savings and reduced overall pesticide use.

1. Attract and measure:

The flies that are attracted by the pheromone are trapped and carried to a seismic, highly sensitive sensor that is able to detect and measure the target insects and provide an accurate report on the presence and number of trapped flies.

2. Information:

End-users receive information once a day, in near real-time, directly to their apps (mobile or web application). The information is displayed on a map detailing the location of the trap and the number of flies captured. The user-friendly app enables the management of treatments in an efficient and accurate manner, saving money and reducing environmental pollution.

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