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X-ray Baggage Scanner

A range of Multi-energy

KritiScan™ - A range of Multi-energy

KritiScan® - X-ray Baggage Scanner

Through our wide range of Multi-energy X-ray Baggage Scanners, we offer our customers the most contemporary security solutions. X-ray baggage scanner is a technological genius, which smartly classifies the materials scanned based on their composition. Traditional X-ray baggage scanners could display either black and white or simple coloured images only. Our products show different colors reflected by the machine on the screen, as determined by the atomic number of the materials scanned. This helps the operator to easily differentiate between the types of materials inside the baggage such as metals, powder, plastic, liquid, etc. The main challenge for the operator is determining what is it that they are looking at, and color imaging helps them to do that better.

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KritiScan - AI based object/shape detection Module

Salient Features -

  • AI-based – Threat Object and Shape Detection Module
  • Detection of threats like Guns, Gun-Parts, Knives, etc
  • Isolates threats in a red box
  • Automatically stops the conveyor
  • Increases security and efficiency
  • Little or no training required
  • Industry-leading detection rates
  • Reduction of risk of human errors
  • Invaluable support for security operators
  • Real-time detection & Increases throughput
  • Supports risk-based screening and more automation at the checkpoint

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