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Smart Sensor Solutions to protect trees

A unique sensing technology that detects pests in trees before they cause damage

The Challenge:

Tree borer presents a major challenge in trees, as visible signs and symptoms of attacks only appear when the tree is already damaged and can no longer be saved.

The Solution:

Agrinet’s innovative sensing technology provides early detection and alerts the presence of a tree borer using intelligent seismic sensors within trees, allowing the tree to be protected from any damage, while saving the yield, increasing the efficiency of pesticide management, and eliminating costly replacement of dead trees.

Suitable for the Following Tree Species:

How Does It Works?

3-step process that provides real-time alerts to protect trees.

1. Detect

Each tree is equipped with a durable and energy-saving sensor. Advanced technology allows the sensor to detect larval activity. The sensor is very sensitive to the slightest movement of the larvae, even in the early stages of their development.

2. Analysis

The data is analyzed and processed by a sensor, through a gateway to the cloud. Reporting, where big data analysis is performed. This step ensures that alerts are always one step ahead of the pest behavioral patterns.

3. Alert

End users receive real-time data directly to their applications: computer, mobile device or tablet. The easy-to-navigate application gives instant access to critical information that can identify the affected tree and save it from destruction.

Online Plantation Management Based on Sensors to Save Trees